Retail Systems 2003/VICS Collaborative Commerce Hosting Awards

Chicago, IL, -- Retail Systems 2003 /VICS Collaborative Commerce announced today the finalists for this year's Retail Systems Achievement Awards and VICS Collaborative Commerce Achievement Awards. The Awards are presented each year as part of America's Leading Retail IT and Supply Chain Event held June 9-12th at McCormick Place, Lakeside Center in Chicago, IL USA.

The Retail Systems Achievement Awards, presented in partnership with Chain Store Age and sponsored by Intel, honor outstanding examples of systems and interactive applications that have resulted in more effective customer service and improved business processes. These awards recognize individuals and companies whose efforts and company-wide dedication to information technology have raised standards throughout the industry. The Awards will be presented at a private reception and ceremony on June 9, 2003.

2003 Retail Systems Achievement Awards Finalists

The finalists for the category "Best in Corporate Systems" are:

-Do it Best Corp. for it's utilization of an AS1/AS2-compliant EDI solution

-O'Reilly Automotive for it's implementation of a demand chain replenishment solution

-Wal-Mart Stores, Inc. for its employment of the EDIINT AS2

The finalists for the category "Best in Customer Touchpoint Systems" are:

-Ahold USA, Inc. for its Stop & Shop chain utilizing wireless touchscreen tablet "Shopping Buddy"

-Giorgio Armani S.p.A. for its support of back office functions with a thin client wireless application deployed on handheld PDAs

-Tower Records for its employment of a guided navigation solution

The finalists for the category "Best in E-commerce Innovation" are:

-Groupe Auchan for its implementation of a network acceleration solution

-Marks & Spencer plc for its implementation of equipping of crates and handling equipment with RFID tags

-REI for its standardization of e-commerce applications on a single Web platform

The finalists for the category "Best in E-commerce Integration" are:

-BMW for its deployment of a Web-enabled virtual sales center (VSC) interactive kiosk system

-Cole Haan for its utilization of a digital asset management system

-Office Deport, Inc. for its implemetation of a Web-based workforce management system

The 2003 VICS Collaborative Commerce Achievement Awards, sponsored by Oracle, honor outstanding examples of strategic thinking and leadership, as well as Uniform Code Council and VICS standards utilization, that have resulted in more effective supply chain partnerships. The awards recognize efforts and company-wide dedication to customer satisfaction that have made continuous improvements in the supply chain. The Awards will be presented at a private ceremony held on Tuesday June 10.

2003 VICS Collaborative Commerce Achievement Awards Finalists

The finalists for the category "Best in Retail" are:

Best Buy Co., Inc. for its implementation of merchandising and sales systems, supported by a Web-based integration platform

Federated Department Stores, Inc. for its development of a size profiling application

Marks & Spencer plc for its utilization of RFID-based product management technology

The finalists for the category "Best in VICS CPFR® Implementation" are:

CVS Corporation/Pfizer for the pharmacy retailer and drug supplier utilizing a hub and spoke CPFR deployment model with collaboration technology residing internally

CVS Corporation/Gillette for the pharmacy retailer and CPG supplier implementing collaborative solutions and steps one through five of the nine-step CPFR model to create a single, shared demand forecast

Sears, Roebuck & Co. and Michelin North America, Inc. for utilizing CPFR technology through the GlobalNetXchange (GNX) to develop a weekly review process

The finalist for the category "Best in Third Party Logistics" is:

Schneider Logistics for developing an advanced collaborative transportation tool

If you qualify for press credentials and would like to register or learn more about Retail Systems 2003/VICS Collaborative Commerce Conference and Exposition, click here.

The presentations of these awards are part of three days of educational seminars, networking events, and the largest IT exhibition in the retail industry. Retail Systems 2003/VICS show highlights include:

Opening Keynote from Jeff Bezos of - Management Futures Panel Discussion - Strategic Integration Summit - More than 25 breakout sessions presented by retail, consumer goods, and apparel executives - A technology exhibit with more than 250 companies featuring leading-edge solutions - Four focused show floor pavilions, including: Auto ID/RFID Futures Showcase; Kiosk and Self-service Center; Small to Mid-sized Retailer Solutions Center; and, Standards in Action Pavilion - TechTours® Program with marketplace analysis presentations, panel discussions, and guided, and self-guided tours of the exhibit floor - Pre-show seminars and Technology Briefings on specific topics relevant to the retail and supply chain industries

Retail Systems 2003/VICS Collaborative Commerce is organized by MoonWatch Media Inc., a leading technology publishing and events company.

The Conference program was developed in conjunction with The Voluntary Interindustry Commerce Standards (VICS) Association. The VICS Association is creator of the Quick Response concept and of the nine-step CPFR® process.

For more information, please contact:

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