Reusable Packaging Association Launched

WASHINGTON—Effective immediately, the Reusable Pallet & Container Coalition (RPCC) will become the Reusable Packaging Association (RPA). This transition is reflective of the organization’s focus on promoting reusable packaging as the preferred solution for moving, storing, and handling product throughout the entire supply chain. The RPA is committed to educating the marketplace on the environmental, economic, and social value that reusable packaging adds at every point of the supply chain.

“The name change is indicative of our focus on the value and expansion of reusable packaging systems, rather than specific products,like pallets and containers,” explained Fred Heptinstall, RPA president, and president of IFCO RPC Management Services. “The newly launched Reusable Packaging Association will be even more aggressive in promoting the economic and environmental benefits of reusable packaging systems across supply chains in all industries. We will also continue to drive positive change and provide strong leadership in the growing reusable packaging industry.”

During nearly a decade of existence, the association has grown significantly to include collaboration among all supply chain partners,including distributors, retailers, educators, policy makers, and others with a commitment to the value and message of re-use. The association commissions research projects, conducts studies, publishes guidelines, and hosts industry events to educate the marketplace about the benefits of reusable packaging.

“This is a robust industry with enormous growth potential. The power of the re-use message and the scope of committed supply chain partners make the RPA uniquely positioned to be the ultimate source for leadership, resources, and solutions for the expansion of reusable packaging systems,” said Jeanie Johnson, executive director, RPA.

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