Reusable Packaging Calculator Analyzes Cost of Conversion

ARLINGTON, Va.—The Reusable Packaging Association (RPA) has created an online calculator to help businesses analyze the cost savings that could result from switching from single-use corrugated to reusable packaging.

Available at, the reusable packaging economic calculator was developed with the help of The tool analyzes corrugated costs, dwell times, cartons shipped annually, annual interest rates, return miles for reusables and expected replacement rates.

“The calculator is a great tool for potential users to show their CFOs and others in the company the hard numbers to start a conversation about switching to reusable packaging,” says Jerry Welcome, RPA president. “In addition to these quantifiable savings, reusable packaging has been proven to reduce costs in other ways, including reducing product damage caused by faulty containers, reducing labor costs and injuries, reducing space required for inventory, and increasing productivity. These savings can help businesses weather today’s challenging economic environment.”

RPA says the calculator offers guidance, not exact cost benefits. More specific models and additional assistance are available from RPA member companies.

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