Reusable Plastic Void Panels Prevent Load Shifts

Reusable Plastic Void Panels Prevent Load Shifts

Paylode manufactures reusable plastic Void Panels to help shippers—whether using truck, rail or intermodal containers—secure their cargo in transit while sparing the recurring cost of disposable cardboard panels. They are designed for today's biggest brands, offering 96"-, 102"- and a new 120"-high Void Panels for rounding out loads, providing buffer protection for airbags and goods. Unlike cardboard panels that press and compress, or wood panels that press and splinter, Paylode's reusable plastic void panels compress and recover—maintaining void integrity around the load, reducing the risk of load shift. An individual HDPE Void Panel can withstand 50,000 lbs. of force without crushing, but is lightweight and easy to maneuver with built-in ergonomic handholds.


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