RF Control for Push/Pull Attachment

RF Control for Push/Pull Attachment

Radio frequency hydraulic control eliminates the need for electric cable or hydraulic hoses, reducing installation time and increasing visibility for Cascade Corp.'s Mark 55 Push/Pull. Factory installed option includes a 12 to 24-volt transmitter that mounts on the lift truck and the receiver, battery pack and solenoids. The hydraulically positionable outer platens of the Mark 55 Push/Pull open for conventional slipsheet handling and close for pallet handling.


Cascade continues quest to remain at the top of materials handling industry

Introduces RFHC Option for Mark 55 Push Pull attachment

PORTLAND, OR USA – In its quest to remain at the top of the materials handling industry, Cascade Corporation has introduced a Radio Frequency Hydraulic Control (RFHC) option for their Mark 55 Push/Pull. The Mark 55 Push/Pull is the solution for operations that must handle both slipsheeted and palletized product. Hydraulically positionable outer platens are easily opened for conventional slipsheet handling and closed to allow pallet handling.In addition, the Mark 55 Push/Pull allows 4-way handling of the popular Mark 55 block pallet.

The RFHC eliminates the need for an electric cable or additional hydraulic hoses which will lessen installation time and increase visibility at the same time. It is a factory installed option, and is available for all new orders of Mark 55 Push/Pull. This option assists in positioning the platens, and includes a 12 to 24 volt (input) transmitter that mounts on the lift truck, as well as a receiver/battery pack and solenoids. The RFHC includes a rugged encapsulated circuit board enclosure and matched transmitter/receiver with synchronization capability. It also features an auto sleep mode for extended battery life, LED operation and battery life indicator, and an additional rechargeable battery. Depending on your operation, the rechargeable battery typically lasts one shift before needing to replace it with the second rechargeable battery (provided).

Cascade Corporation is the recognized global leader in the design, innovation and marketing of materials handling equipment. Cascade’s genuine desire to build mutually successful and prosperous business relationships, as well as their commitment to product advancement, damage reduction, efficiency and productivity have continued to keep Cascade ahead of the competition in every way and secure its position in the materials handling industry.

For more information:
Corporate Office:
2201 NE 201st Avenue
Fairview, OR 97024-9718
(503) 669-6300
Customer Support Center:
800 CASCADE (227-2233)
[email protected]
Bonnie Hughes, C.P.I.M.

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