RFID Executive Forum: Las Vegas, April 3-5

The International RFID Business Association, in affiliation with the RFID Technical Institute, has planned an executive forum on “RFID Principles and Practices for Extended Producer Responsibility.” The event will be held April 5, as part of the Take it Back! Conference to be held at Bally's Las Vegas, April 3-5.

The half-day morning workshop will provide an overview of the key elements of radio frequency identification (RFID) technology and its practical application to EPR-related corporate and environmental challenges.

Topics to be covered include:

• RFID fundamentals and advanced principles relevant to EPR challenges;

• RFID enhanced packaging--challenges and benefits for product end-of-life management;

• E-waste reduction through RFID-enabled supply chain management;

• Improving hazardous material track-and-trace methods with RFID.

• Industry RFID mandates and their implications for environmental safety;

• Environmental challenges of RFID tag design, use and disposal;

• Key lessons and insights from RFID projects focused on business process improvement and environmental protection

• Getting started with RFID: the people, process and technology challenge underlying environmentally responsible business automation.

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