RFID Generation 2 Reader Price Drops 70%; Now Available for about $1,000

Along with two years of hype about RFID has been the knock that it was too costly. Applied Wireless Identifications (AWID, Morgan Hill, Calif.) is dropping reader prices by about 70%. Now, a Generation 2 RFID reader, including four antennas, has fallen under the $1,000 price barrier.

Only 10 products in the world have passed the rigorous EPCglobal standards testing process to obtain Generation 2 certification. Two of these certifications have been awarded to the two AWID products: the MPR-3014 reader and MPR-1510 reader module.

RFID technology depends on tags being read automatically by receptors known as readers, which are typically sold separately from the antennas they need in order to function. AWID is offering the MPR-3014 reader as production units for $1,000 each, and including four circular polarized antennas at no extra cost. MPR-3014 reader development kits go for $1,600; and the MPR-1510 reader module production units sell for under $400 each, with development kits at $700.

"These products are designed to meet all the requirements of companies implementing RFID technology to comply with retailer mandates," explained Donny Lee, chairman and CEO.

The MPR-3014 reader is versatile enough for use in numerous applications, including conveyor belt or portal arrangements. It comes standard with four optically isolated general-purpose I/O ports and power over Ethernet. The unit is available with four or eight antenna ports. All models may be used in retail, office, or industrial locations. An optional Extreme Durability chassis ensures uninterrupted operation in even the harshest environments.

MPR-1510 reader module is designed for integration into other RFID enabled devices, such as printer/encoders, label applicators, hand-held and vehicle mount readers. The MPR-1510 reader module is in all models of at Printronix printer/encoders and Psion Teklogix UHF hand-held readers.

Both MPR-3014 and MPR-1510 support multiple protocols including: EPCglobal Class 0, Class 0+, Class 1, Class 1 Generation 2, ISO-18000-6A/B, and EM Micro are network upgradeable to ensure support for future protocol standards and enhancements.

Source: Applied Wireless Identifications

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