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RFID Hard Tag

RFID Hard Tag

MASON CITY, Iowa – Metalcraft today announced pricing and availability of their RFID Hard Tag designed to deliver longer read range at lower cost for asset tracking applications that require resistance to heavy impact or submersion in water.

Metalcraft’s standardized RFID Hard Tag is a 5-inch by 1-inch product engineered to provide a read range over 10 feet using the passive, Gen2 KSW Windshield RFID inlay. The RFID Hard Tag construction houses the inlay in half-inch thick UV stabilized polycarbonate with a clear window for an internal label containing bar code or human readable data. Customers can affix the RFID Hard Tag with mechanical fasteners and permanent, pressure-sensitive adhesive.

Testing has shown the RFID Hard Tags will withstand exposure to a range of chemicals, water depths over 130 feet and impacts as great as 20 tons.

“Metalcraft is known for durable ID solutions,” said Metalcraft president Steve Doerfler. “Our RFID Hard Tag furthers that reputation by delivering longer read ranges than similar products.”

The RFID Hard Tags features digital printing of the interior label, allowing full-color logos and other information including bar code and human readable ID numbers. Metalcraft can program the printed information – or other data – on the RFID inlay during production.

“All of Metalcraft’s RFID products allow customers to utilize both bar code and RFID technologies,”said Doerfler. “The durability and readability of our label printing is unequaled.”

Prices vary by quantity; a complete price list is available at or by request at 800-437-5283.

The RFID Hard Tag is the latest in Metalcraft’s growing family of durable RFID products for everyday applications. The company now offers six standard RFID product constructions in addition to their ongoing development of custom solutions.

“Metalcraft’s customers have come to expect attractive, durable RFID tags that give long read range while keeping the investment low,” said Doerfler. “Metalcraft remains committed to producing highvalue asset identification solutions.”

Visit or call 800-437-5283 for more information on Metalcraft RFID labels or to discuss RFID challenges requiring custom solutions.

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