RFID Inlays

RFID Inlays

Flowery Branch, GA „Ÿ Avery Dennison RFID, a business unit of Avery Dennison Corporation (NYSE: AVY) and leading provider of RFID technology and services, announced the continued expansion of its RFID inlay product portfolio with the introduction of three new inlay designs – the AD-430, AD-630 and AD-813. The new inlays are EPC Class 1 Gen 2- and ISO-180006-C-compliant and are designed to be read across the range of global RFID frequency bands - 860-960 MHz - and integrate seamlessly into label converting processes. All three new products are scheduled for general release in the third quarter of 2007.

According to George Reynolds, VP of global sales and marketing, “The new AD inlays have been tested extensively and meet Avery Dennison’s stringent quality and engineering standards. They will be available for applications testing and converter and OEM qualification in July. These releases are part of Avery Dennison’s continued focus on designing innovative inlays to meet new and emerging manufacturing, retail and item-level RFID applications.”

Avery Dennison’s three new RFID inlays include:
· AD-430 Inlay, designed to fit within a 4x1-inch label for supply chain applications. The inlay is suited for use with RF-friendly, metal and liquid contents. Wide-band characteristics provide the ability to operate at optimal efficiency over a wide range of frequencies (860-960 MHz), ensuring superior performance across the world.
· AD-630 Inlay, designed to fit within a 3x3-inch or 4x6-inch label. Designed for retail case-and-pallet use, the inlay is orientation insensitive, so can be read in any direction (face-on or edge-on) making it ideal for certain asset tracking applications, as well. Like the AD-430, its wide-band characteristics provide the ability to operate over a wide range of frequencies, ensuring superior performance across the world.
· AD-813 Inlay, 0.75x0.75 inches, is sized to fit within a 1x1-inch label. The inlay is designed to provide powerful edge-on performance in small, item-level applications, such as pharmaceutical pill bottles and other compact items, as well as for shelf-level product labeling. Designed to perform in both near field and far field applications, the AD-813 is available in three versions for best regional performance across a variety of contents.

Visit www.rfid.averydennison.com for more information about the new products, including downloadable technical data sheets. Call 866.903.RFID (7343) to request product samples.

Michelle Quade
Avery Dennison RFID
[email protected]

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