RFID market to reach $7.26 billion in 2008

RFID has practical applications in almost every aspect of modern life. Wal-Mart and other retailers have given RFID a high profile, but beyond this there are a fantastic number of opportunities which are under supplied. RFID’s very strength lies in its ability to add value to most aspects of modern life and this ubiquity means that many different questions need to be asked – and answered.

What are the big developments in healthcare, aviation and crime prevention? Item level tagging is now proceeding on many fronts – where are they and why is it working? There is passionate advocacy for two different frequencies for item level tagging – but which one is right? How will all these areas grow over the next few years – and how do you avoid being left behind?

Implementing RFID – Smart Labels Europe 2005

There are a number of RFID conferences being launched across the world but which one will give you the specific information needed for you to move your business forward? IDTechEx with its knowledge and experience of the RFID industry has focused this year’s Smart Labels Europe conference on the biggest challenge today – implementing RFID.

At this conference, users and industry experts will present their experiences. In order to receive the required performance, you need to understand the technology and how RFID systems can be optimally designed. These subjects are fully explored. In addition, this event looks at how to manufacture RFID smart labels to meet demand. Beyond this, we look to the future and smart labels which do more than just identification – such as creating new markets and propositions for your customers.

Smart Labels Europe 2005, sponsored by Avery Dennison, is the sixth annual Smart Labels Europe conference hosted by IDTechEx and is the largest European RFID event. It covers adopters’ experiences, users’ needs, how to manufacture RFID smart labels, emerging technologies and complete RFID systems.

This conference will examine and review the technology, allowing you to understand the requirements of brand owners, retailers, product manufacturers and other vertical sectors looking to adopt RFID.


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