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Mishawaka, IN -- Deploying your RFID system just got a little easier with BlueBean's Ruggedized Single-Sided RFID Portal. The portal, made of extruded aluminum, comes with adjustable antenna and reader mounting brackets for maximum flexibility.

"This portal is perfect for any company that is looking to add RFID to their business process," says Karen Radde of RFIDSupplyChain.com. "Because of its design, the BlueBean Ruggedized Single-Sided RFID Portal can be used in almost any application."

Portal features include:
- Slotted Extruded Aluminum Frame
- T-Slot technology for easy modifications & assembly
- Adjustable Antenna & Reader mounts
- Back, side and top mesh screens to minimize cross dock reads
- "Micro" Cable Trays for data & antenna cables
- No welding - no fighting heat stress & warping
- Adjustable antenna and reader mounting brackets with pivot up to 28° for antenna brackets
- Front removable plastic screen
- Protected and optimized phototeye mounts

"We are thrilled to be the exclusive distributor of this RFID portal," adds Radde. "This is another example of the superior RFID products that we have available to our customers."

The BlueBean Ruggedized Single-Sided RFID Portal can be found at RFIDSupplyChain.com.

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