RFID Products Volume Shipments

Nashua aiming for volume shipments of RFID products in 2005. "Albert noted, We continue to aggressively invest in press and handling equipment that increase our manufacturing efficiencies and helps minimize the impact of rising material costs. We also continue to pursue new opportunities in the Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) arena, and have moved closer to being ready to ship RFID products by installing the RFID inlet-insertion equipment that we committed to in the third quarter of 2004. We expect to ship RFID products in volume by the middle of 2005. " ...

Nashua Corporation manufactures and markets a wide variety of specialty imaging products and services to industrial and commercial customers to meet various print application needs. The Company's products include thermal coated papers, pressure-sensitive labels, bond, point of sale, ATM and wide format papers, entertainment tickets, as well as toners, developers, and ribbons for use in imaging devices.


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