RFID readers

BETHLEHEM, Pa. - Element ID, Inc., announced the availability of its new HF1 and HF1-B RFID readers. These revolutionary new readers, designed to help customers monitor item level data in automated applications, provide a total system approach to reduce cost and risk, enhance flexibility and performance, and increase return on investment. Multiple modes of operation allow configuration to meet a wide array of applications spanning all types of manufacturing and item tracking.

“We believe the introduction of the HF1 and HF1-B readers will allow customers to use RFID in automated applications where it was never possible before,” said Jack Romaine, CEO of Element ID, Inc. “By overcoming product tracking and speed limitations, and by providing a configurable interface that connects directly to existing infrastructure without third-party hardware or software, we are enabling customers to increase their manufacturing efficiency and cut costs with RFID.”

The embedded software package includes HyperSage™ data processing that greatly reduces overall system implementation costs as the need for third-party hardware and/or software is normally eliminated. HyperSage™ pre-processes data to deliver only necessary information in any desired message format and protocol to mate seamlessly with existing infrastructure equipment. It has been tested at conveyor speeds in excess of 600 feet per minute.

These readers are ideally suited for automated applications like manufacturing/work-in-process monitoring, tracking of totes or product carriers, and replacement of fixed depth-of-field barcode line scanners. The readers come with advanced software to positively match RFID data to physical items, operate in high-speed, automated environments, and pre-process data to deliver only necessary information in the format desired. The software enables rapid installation and the readers are often a drop-in replacement for barcode line scanners.

The patent pending TagLink™ technology matches incoming RFID data with physical items and gives users the ability to decrease product spacing and increase system through-put, all while assuring correct tag on item placement. For detailed information, see www.element-id.com/our-technology.

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