RFID tags

Reichshof-Wehnrath, Germany – Sokymat Automotive GmbH, a global leader in the development, production and sale of RFID components, has extended its transponder range for the management of waste and warehouse logistics. The two new products – the Slim Tag and the Waste Bin Tag – operate at UHF frequencies and are a significant addition to Sokymat’s well-established family of transponders for industrial applications, including automotive and access control. Both tags, featuring a robust casing for enhanced durability, are available with industry standard EPC Class 1 Gen 2 chips.

With their long read range and high rate of data transfer, the Slim Tag and the Waste Bin Tag enable RFID-based data collection systems to surpass any form of manual data capture in terms of cost-effectiveness and accuracy. The Slim Tag is ideal for managing logistics in large warehouse environments, including pallet, vehicle and container tracking, tool identification and process control. The Waste Bin Tag tracks the waste container and enables automatic measurement of the weight of the waste, resulting in high standards of efficiency and control.

The introduction of these new transponders reflects the expansion of Sokymat Automotive’s product range beyond low frequency tags operating between 120kHz and 140kHz and high frequency transponders operating at 13.56MHz. As RFID technology establishes itself as the definitive and most secure technology for identification and tracking, so Sokymat Automotive is ensuring that market demands are met. The company’s flexible, fully automated production lines guarantee high quality and fast delivery, while allowing for individual customization to suit its customers’ requirements – both for LF, HF and now UHF RFID tags.

For further information, please contact:
Gewerbeparkstrasse 10
51580 Reichshof-Wehnrath – Germany
Phone: +49 2265 9919 0
Fax: +49 2265 99 19 11
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