RFID Tracking Provider Savi Acquired

Affiliates of LaSalle Capital of Los Angeles, Calif., have acquired Savi Technology, a logistics informatics technology provider. This technology includes the hardware used to "tag" and "read" assets, and the software to consolidate data from readers for warehouse management or cargo tracking systems. This transaction is expected to enable Savi to pursue global opportunities aligned to its offerings. Terms of the transaction were not disclosed.

“We look forward to working with LaSalle Capital and are in the final stages of completing several new solutions that we expect to be introducing in the near future,” said William Clark, president and CEO of Savi Technology.
At the core of logistics informatics are "sense and respond" technologies that wirelessly track and monitor assets of high value to an organization. Savi’s record includes the following:

• created a global RFID network spanning more than 50 countries;

• helped reduce equipment delays, streamline processes and optimize inventory when testing nuclear, biological and chemical agents at a military site equal the size of Rhode Island;

• tracks more than five million returnable assets and accounts and bills for a an international supermarket chain; and

• helps countries in Africa reclaim customs revenue and stolen goods value through improved cargo tracking.

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