Rhino Linings

Rhino Linings

Sturtevant, WI - Topper Industrial continues to be a leading material handling solution company by being the first to include a Rhino Lining surface on its bulk dollies. Rhino Linings, the industry pioneer and worldwide leader in sprayed-on polyurethane linings, continues to redefine "toughness". Rhino Linings thick, durable linings provide superior protection for products placed on Topper carts as well as keeping the cart itself protected from scratching and denting. "Adding Rhino Linings to the surface of our carts prevents the sliding of containers and dampens the noise during transport." Says Ed Brown, President of Topper Industrial. He adds, "As far as we can tell Topper is the only cart manufacturer using Rhino Linings."

Topper Industrial is a leading material handling equipment manufacturer with an emphasis on fork truck free environments. Topper Industrial products are widely used within the automotive industry and are changing the way material is moved within an assembly plant. Topper Industrial designs custom solutions for a variety of manufacturing customers.

Jim Klenke
Topper Industrial
[email protected]

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