Rigging Safety Series

To ensure the safety of all involved in lifting a load, Coastal Training Technologies has just released the two-part Rigging Safety Series. Rigging Equipment Basics emphasizes the importance of knowledge of the materials, techniques, and rules used in every lift. Rigging Operations instructs the viewers on how to plan and execute a lift, outlining the elements of a good rigging plan. Rigging Equipment Basics and Rigging Operations are available on video and CD-ROM and are accompanied by 10 employee handbooks.

Since every lift depends on the knowledge and attention of each person involved, the Rigging Safety Series provides an invaluable service. Rigging Equipment Basics and Rigging Operations contain essential information. Types of rigging, common materials used in rigging, and methods to set a sling and attach it to a load are covered in depth. Preparation and planning will keep those involved in any lift safe and ensure the load is undamaged.

Coastal Training Technologies Corp. is a leading publisher of innovative employee training videos, DVDs, e-learning courses, and print materials that help improve the safety and quality of life for workers around the world. Free 7-day previews are available of all programs; free online previews are available at http://www.coastal.com/. For more information, call 800-767-7703 or e-mail [email protected].

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