River Ranch Moves to 100% CHEP Pallets

ORLANDO, Fla.--River Ranch Fresh Foods, LLC, a produce grower/shipper and fresh cut processor based in Salinas, Calif., is exclusively using pallets from CHEP, a supplier of pallet and container pooling services. The company will transport all of its private label, River Ranch brand and Popeye Fresh! brand salad kits, spinach and other vegetables on CHEP pallets. River Ranch ships from processing facilities in Salinas and El Centro, Calif. to supermarkets, grocery wholesalers, club stores and foodservice companies across the country.

River Ranch previously used one-way or disposable wood pallets to transport most of its product to market, but experienced productivity and administrative challenges with the process. In addition, the company required a service provider with a proven track record for customer service and environmental sustainability.

“We wanted a single source of shipping platforms so we didn’t have to waste time and resources separating and restacking our inventory. CHEP provides a great solution that has been field tested for years and we know is going to give us the support we need while helping us reduce our impact on the environment,” says Brian Thure, vice president, processing and distribution at River Ranch.

Based on third-party life-cycle inventory analysis findings, River Ranch is reducing solid waste generation by more than 2.8 million pounds per year, the equivalent of about 125 dump trucks of waste as a result of using the CHEP program as opposed to one-way wood pallets. The company is also reducing energy usage enough to power 233 homes with electricity for a year, and is contributing a 58% reduction of CO2 emissions-greenhouse gas, which is the equivalent to taking more than 133 cars off the road for one year.*

*Savings based on life-cycle inventory analysis of CHEP USA pallet pooling program conducted by Franklin Associates. The calculation is based on Franklin Associates, "Solid Waste Analysis And Life Cycle Inventory Of Pallet Systems", 2006 Update.

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