Robot for High-Speed Packaging

Robot for High-Speed Packaging

The Motoman MPP3 robot is for high-speed packaging, cartoning and kitting applications. It features a three-arm configuration with a direct-driven rotary axis to simplify design and increase reliability. With a minimum installation area and small footprint, the MPP3 robot is ideal for high-density installations, while providing a large working envelope.

The MPP3 is IP65-rated and features a 3 kg payload capability; a deep work envelope up to 500 mm; and a repeatability of ±0.1 mm (±0.004”). It is available with optional vision and conveyor tracking.

This robot uses the new FS100 controller, the smallest controller in its class at 19” wide. It features a high-speed open architecture design that allows software and system flexibility. The FS100 supports C, C#, INFORM III and other high-level programming environments.

Motoman Robotics Division

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