Robotic Order Picking and Fulfillment

Robotic Order Picking and Fulfillment

Swisslog’s Click&Pick high-speed order fulfillment system combines AutoStore inventory storage technology, high-speed pick stations and a fulfillment software suite. It cubes out a warehouse, leveraging all valuable space using fast robotic technology. Inventory and throughput can be increased independently to meet a company’s growing business needs. The system enables orders to be filled at up to 1,000 picks per selector per hour. There’s a typical space reduction of 60 percent when compared to storing SKUs in static bin shelving. Slower-moving SKUs will descend to the bottom of each stack and faster-moving SKUs will continually percolate to the top of the stack for increased productivity. In addition, the number of robots working at the top of the storage cube can be increased as needed which helps manage peak fluctuations in shipping volumes without hard constraints.


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