BREWTON, NY – Schneider Packaging Equipment Company introduces the newest robotic accumulator/loader for plastic bottle manufacturing. The Robox accumulator/loader is the definitive system for portable, versatile robotic accumulation and case loading.

The Robox accumulator/loader is perfect for packaging operations that have multiple plastic bottle products and numerous pack orientations that would otherwise require multiple machines or manual packing. Schneider’s Robox accumulator/loader orients product either necks up, necks down; by row or by individual bottle, with the press of a button. The system is designed to handle the speed of most low to medium output machines.

Equipped with an integral platform that makes transportation practical and set up minimal, the utilitarian Robox accumulator/loader has useful options and configurations in an open and serviceable layout. Cases can be packed with or without a bag and are automatically feed to the case loading station where the robotic arm picks an entire row or two of bottles and places them into the case in the appropriate pattern. If the layer board option has been selected, the robot will select a layer board and place it between the appropriate layers. For pack patterns that require it, the Robox accumulator/loader can turn bottles 90 degrees before placing them into the case.

The machine’s small footprint reduces floor space requirements while retaining all the rugged durability that is the hallmark of Schneider equipment. The Schneider Robox accumulator/loader offers a user-friendly set-up utilizing FANUC robotic arms with optimized Human Machine Interface that simplifies changeover and eliminates programming. A standard ethernet port allows remote monitoring and diagnosis.

The Robox accumulator/loader integrates design features that enhance operational efficiency and throughput. Open design allows easy access for rapid changeover and simplifies maintenance. Flexible tooling and smart software minimize product changeover downtime. Robotic accumulation replaces traditional complex mechanical accumulation methods further improving efficiency and longevity. This built-in versatility of design accommodates changing production requirements and has the flexibility to meet future needs.

Whatever the requirements, Schneider works to provide the best solution for any unique need. Schneider Packaging is an Authorized System Integrator for FANUC Robotics. For more information, contact our sales department by phone at (315) 676-3035 or fax at (315) 676-2875, or visit

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