Rockwell Automation Notifies Suppliers To Stop Using Lead

Rockwell Automation has notified 2,000 suppliers worldwide that they must stop using lead in certain products by October 2004. The mandate for Rockwell Automation suppliers comes in advance of pending global environmental regulations.

"Rockwell Automation relentlessly strives to be the best in all aspects of environmental management. With this supplier mandate we're doing far more than just regulatory compliance," says Charyl Fines, vice president, Quality Environment & Safety, Rockwell Automation. "Our long-standing environmental program includes reducing the amount of hazardous substances used in our products. Our suppliers play a critical role in helping us achieve these goals, which will positively further our environmental efforts."

Rockwell Automation's supplier mandate means that, for example, it will accept only lead-free solder, used for circuit boards assembly, or lead-free additives, used for electrical cable jackets. Additionally, Rockwell Automation has also established guidelines for suppliers to change to non-Hexavalent Chromium chromate coating technology, also by October 2004. Chromate coatings are used for sheet metal and casting corrosion protection.

Rockwell Automation's efforts come well in advance of certain material restrictions imposed by the European Union (EU) affecting electrical and electronic equipment sold in Europe. The Restriction of Hazardous Substances (RoHS) Directive, effective in July 2006, bans the sale of some types of electrical and electronic products that contain certain substances.

More information about Rockwell Automation environmental programs and initiatives is available at

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