Rockwell Automation Ships Its One-Millionth DeviceNet Node

MAYFIELD HEIGHTS, - The inherent benefits of an open, multi-vendor networking standard are a driving force behind Rockwell Automation's most recent milestone: The company recently shipped its millionth DeviceNet node.

"DeviceNet has grown significantly in a short amount of time," said Doug McEldowney, NetLinx strategic marketing manager, Rockwell Automation. "The ability to connect industrial devices from multiple vendors to a control system using a single cable provides huge benefits for end users, not only in reduced wiring and installation costs, but additional diagnostics capabilities, space savings, and the flexibility to reconfigure and upgrade your system.”

DeviceNet is an open communications network designed to link factory-floor hardware like sensors, push buttons, motor starters and drives to control systems. The DeviceNet specification is owned and managed by ODVA, an international association comprised of more than 250 of the world's leading automation companies.

Rockwell Automation, a founding member of ODVA, helped launch the DeviceNet network in 1994 and shipped its first nodes in 1995. As open networks have grown in significance on the plant floor, demand for DeviceNet products has skyrocketed. For example, the installation of DeviceNet-enabled drives has more than doubled in the last three years.

"Rockwell Automation will continue to deliver innovative DeviceNet products and functionality to provide even more benefits to customers," said Brian Oulton, NetLinx product marketing manager. "For example, we are extremely excited about extensions such as DeviceNet Safety which will provide both safety and standard networking functions on a single network."

DeviceNet is a core network in Rockwell Automation's NetLinx Open Network Architecture, providing seamless, top-floor-to-shop-floor integration. The networks in the NetLinx architecture - ControlNet, DeviceNet and EtherNet/IP - share the Common Industrial Protocol (CIP), a suite of communication services that solve a wide variety of application needs and interoperate seamlessly. Users are able to choose the network that best fits their application while simultaneously controlling, configuring and collecting data throughout a plant and to and from the Internet.

Rockwell Automation (NYSE: ROK) is a world-leading provider of industrial automation power, control and information solutions that help customers meet their manufacturing productivity objectives. For more information on DeviceNet, please contact the Rockwell Automation Response Center, 10701 Hampshire Avenue South, Bloomington, Minn., 55438, 800.223.5354, Ext. 1646.

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