The latest product range from Caljan Rite-Hite is the new RollerTrack conveyor family, designed to improve safety and efficiency at docking bays. All its models are fully underguarded with metal plates, protecting workers from the mechanism underneath. This makes them unique and means Roller Track complies with EN619 2002, a European safety standard for conveyor handling unit loads.

RollerTrack is a telescopic conveyor used for loading goods into lorries. Its sections are extendable and retractable, which mean it can reach to the back of a trailer. Parcels slide to the end of the track on galvanised rollers, where they can be easily loaded into a waiting lorry. This means easier manual handling, reduced work stress and fatigue, and improved worker productivity.

Featuring longer extendibility, RollerTrack is available in three basic models which vary in width, and length to suit all applications. Designed with safety in mind, the chains that move the telescopic sections are enclosed, eliminating areas that are a danger to the operator. The double-chain mechanism provides smooth movement, making it safer to operate. Other benefits include 65mm roller pitch throughout the machine and transfer plates between the telescopic sections to aid product transfer.

Optional features include the double joystick that simplifies conveyor movement control, anti-collision strips and various lighting options. RollerTrack also offers easy access to all service areas, making maintenance simple. Mike Hilton, Caljan Rite-Hite UK Managing Director said "The new RollerTrack products comply with EN619 2002, making them unique. We feel customers will greatly appreciate this enhanced level of safety!"

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