Reading , PA – Remcon Plastics, Inc., a Reading, PA-based manufacturer of high-quality polyethylene materials handling products, has acquired the exclusive North American distribution rights for Rollet, a versatile, lightweight, modular rolling cart that provides cost-effective solutions to storage, in-process handling, and shipping problems. The announcement was made by Peter J. Connors, President of Remcon Plastics.

“Rollet (pronounced Roll-It) has been widely used throughout the United Kingdom and Europe since 2003,” Connors said, “and we are confident that the success the product has had there will follow in the United States, Canada and Mexico.”

Designed originally to handle distribution of groceries to small storefronts, Rollet has gained acceptance as a returnable distribution container for the food processing, food service, beverage, logistics, manufacturing, computer, auto parts, electrical supplies, air freight and airport maintenance industries. Connors said that the range of applications and custom uses for Rollet continues to grow, noting the product is also ideal for rapid deployment of medical or military supplies.

“The simplicity of the product is its main attraction,” Connors explained. Rollet’s heavy-duty polyethylene construction is virtually impervious to damage, easy to clean, simplifies x-ray scanning in high-security environments, and eliminates injury-causing sharp edges and corners found on metal carts.

Featuring a 32- by 28-inch exterior footprint, Rollet is available in heights of 57 or 70 inches. Shelving can be quickly installed and changed to accommodate various-sized loads. The weight capacity is 175 pounds per shelf and 1100 total pounds for the unit. What’s more, Rollet can be broken down in minutes, without tools, for compact return shipment. Doors can be locked for secure transport and storage of contents. Standard five-inch polyurethane castors assure smooth and quiet movement on most surfaces.

Rollet is available with full RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) capabilities, which enable the unit and products inside to be tracked during transit or storage. A GPS tracking option is in development.

Connors said Rollet comes in several standard colors but can be custom ordered to match any color requirement. For easy identification, corporate logos can also be molded right into the unit.

“Rollet will change the way companies think about their materials handling needs,” Connors said.
“It’s a much better alternative compared to what is currently available and we think it’s going to revolutionize the industry.”

For more information, visit or call 1-800-360-3636

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