Rollmaster II

Rollmaster II

Fast, Safe & Easy - Just straddle the roll with the Rollmaster forks, then inflate the Aero-Casters® with standard shop air to lift the roll off the floor. When the move is complete deflate the Aero-Casters® and maneuver on the no-load wheels to the next job.

Air caster technology makes it possible for one person to easily maneuver heavy loads without the use of overhead cranes, forklifts, rails or floor track systems. As little as one pound of push on a roll can move 1,000 lbs (450 kg.) of weight, so one person can smoothly transport, rotate and precisely position heavy paper, plastic, sheet metal or coil rolls.

AeroGo’s Rollmaster II™ floats heavy rolls on a thin film of compressed air, helping paper processors and web printers save time, manpower and money.

· Nearly frictionless omni-directional movement of heavy loads for precise roll alignment in tight spaces
· Ergonomically designed for safe control & operation – reduced risk of strain injuries and operator fatigue
· Lifts and floats rolls on a thin cushion of air - for nearly frictionless movement preventing expensive roll damage
· Convenient handle and variable sizes for specific roll lengths
· Aero-CasterÒ technology makes movement of large heavy paper rolls easier and safer than conventional methods - overhead cranes; forklifts with a clamp accessory; rails or floor track systems
· Handle mounted controls available
· Operates with standard, industrial plant air to instantly lift and float the roll
· Increased productivity with less manpower
· No floor damage with Aero-Caster® use
· Clean, static-free operation
· Low maintenance – no moving parts

AeroGo, Inc. is a leading designer and manufacturer of Aero-Caster® products, which “float” heavy paper rolls, metal sheet coils and cable reels on a thin film of compressed air.

AeroGo, Inc 1170 Andover Park West Seattle, WA 98188-3909
Phone: 206-575-3344 Toll Free: 800-426-4757 Fax: 206-575-3505
Email: [email protected]

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