(Neenah, Wis.) - The updated heavy duty model RollMover(TM) is designed to safely and conveniently move large, master rolls of newsprint stock without damaging outer layers. The battery-powered RollMover eliminates the need for cumbersome and hazardous air hoses commonly used to drive other roll moving units. A powerful 36-volt motor and heavy duty gearbox can push the heaviest of rolls across plant floors or onto in-floor trolley conveyors.

Operators control the RollMover's speed using a variable-speed, twist-throttle handle. Throttle response and movement speeds can also be fully programmed according to customer preference to assure optimum safety in maneuvering heavy rolls. Battery operation also enhances operator safety by eliminating air hoses that create tripping hazards. Batteries can be changed without tools and are quick to recharge.

Appleton Manufacturing: 800-531-2002

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