Roly Safeti-Gates

ESSEX, Mass. -- Mezzanine Safeti-Gates, Inc. announces the addition of a Chain and Sprocket safety gate design to its extensive line of fall protection products for the material handling industry. The Chain and Sprocket safety gate model is designed primarily for continuous-use and extreme material handling operations.

Roly Safeti-Gates are dual-gate systems that secure the ledges of pallet drop areas. The two gates are interconnected so one gate is always in place to protect employees from the ledge.

Chain and Sprocket Safety Gates are designed to withstand high-use material handling operations in which repetitive full-case pallet handling occurs. Hundreds of the Chain and Sprocket Gate models have been installed in many material handing operations in facilities throughout North America. The Chain and Sprocket design is available on either the Roly Model or Rack-Supported Model safety gates. Chain and Sprocket Rack-Supported gates can be built to fit existing rack structures. In addition, the Chain and Sprocket gates can be power-operated via push-button stations or radio frequency controllers. All units meet OSHA requirements. The powdered-coated finish has safety green frames with safety yellow gates. Special colors can be ordered.

Patented in the U.S. and Canada, the Roly Safeti-Gate is engineered to significantly reduce accidents associated with mezzanine loading areas. The design creates a controlled-access pallet drop area, providing true protection for both the worker and materials during loading and off-loading operations of palletized materials. Units consist of a front and rear gate, and a heavy gauge post frame which is anchored to the mezzanine structure. In the chain and sprocket design, the front and rear gates are interconnected with roller chains. When one gate is lifted up, allowing access to the workstation, the ledge gate automatically goes down. There is always a gate between the operator and the mezzanine ledge.

Installation requires no special tools or training. Assembly needs only two people and takes approximately one hour. Delivery of standard models is four to six weeks after receipt of order.

About Mezzanine Safeti-Gates, Inc.
Headquartered in Essex, Mass., Mezzanine Safeti-Gates is an innovator in thedesign and manufacturing of safety products for pallet drop areas on mezzanine levels in warehouses and distribution centers.

The company may be contacted via mail at 174 Western Avenue, Essex, Mass., 01929-1110, telephone at (978) 768-7593, fax at (978) 768-1101, email at [email protected] or on the Web at

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