Rotabin® units consist of a series of circular shelves which revolve independently of one another mounted in stacks on a vertical stem or axle and operate on the lazy-Susan principle. Concentration is the key to their ability to store more in less space. They are a product of Durham Manufacturing Company, Durham, CT.

In a typical small parts storage area, 72 conventional shelf units, 36 inches wide by 12 inches deep by 7 feet high, occupy an area of 216 square feet. Six aisles add 324 square feet for a total of 540 square feet with 218 linear feet of shelf frontage to be walked. In comparison, 24 Rotabin® units with overhead shelving, 36 inches wide by 30 inches deep by 7 feet high, occupy 216 square feet. Two aisles add 108 square feet for a total of 324 square feet with only 72 linear feet of shelf frontage to be walked.

In addition, by eliminating wasted space found at the back of a typical shelf, Rotabin® units can increase the amount of usable space per square foot. In a 36 square inch area, twelve 6 inch wide compartments can be fitted while in a 34 inch diameter Rotabin® fifteen 7 inch wide triangular compartment can be accommodated.

By eliminating wasted space found in the ends of a conventional shelving installation Rotabin® units also significantly increase the amount of usable space per square foot of floor space. Further, they actually develop valuable storage space where none existed; in corners, aisle ends and under counters.

As an example, a 34 inch diameter Rotabin® shelf is capable of holding more than two 36 inch by 12 inch conventional shelves. And, since each shelf rotates independently, a greater number of products can be picked with a warehouseman standing in one place than can be picked walking along six linear feet of traditional shelving.

Rotabin® units are available in five different sizes; with 17, 28, 34, 44 and 58 inch diameter shelves. Shelves have standard segmented compartments and can be further divided by using optional steel or plastic dividers. Plastic pans are also available in red, blue and gray, ideal for color coding inventory. Weight capacities are as high as 10,000 lbs per unit when weight is evenly distributed.

Construction is heavy duty, all-welded, using prime, cold rolled steel. Finish is durable gray powder coat which is rust and corrosion resistant. All models are shipped assembled, ready for use.

For details; write, phone, fax or email: Durham Rotabin® Revolving Shelves
Durham Manufacturing Company
201 Main Street, P.O. Box 230
Durham, CT 06422
Toll Free Phone: 800-243-3774
Toll Free Fax: 800-782-5499
Email: [email protected]

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