Rotary Tower Stretch Wrapper

Rotary Tower Stretch Wrapper

Arpac’s Electro-Wrap Series automatic rotary tower stretch wrapper requires no pneumatic hookup. This reduces the total energy costs for the machine. It also reduces installation cost as no special pneumatic plumbing or air compressor is required.

The machine combines automation and floor space optimization, making it suitable for wrapping unstable pallet loads that are either too light or too heavy to rotate on a turntable wrapper. It offers the flexibility to load the wrap zone with either a lift truck or pallet jack.

The material handler sets the pallet on the floor in front of the wrapper and activates the wrapping cycles from a remote lanyard. The stretch wrapper completes the job with the film carriage revolving around the stationary pallet load. Upon completion of the cycle, the system automatically clamps, cuts and wipes the film to the pallet. A safety sensor instantly stops the rotating film carriage arm. A robust swing arm drive system uses a slewing bearing design that ensures long life with minimal maintenance.


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