RPCC Leadership to Diversify Industry Initiatives

The Reusable Pallet & Container Coalition (RPCC, Washington, D.C.) has elected new leadership to carry forward its 2005 initiatives and expand its focus into new industries.

"Our new board brings diversity in terms of products and industries," said David Rodgers, senior vice president of ORBIS Container Services, and newly elected RPCC president, "that will drive our initiatives going forward."

He added the association will invest time and resources in the application of track and trace capabilities as they apply to reusable packaging.

Much of the work during the past year focused on "in-box" issues and reusable packaging within the produce and grocery industries. While affirming its message of reuse, regardless of material, the coalition will now focus on how reusable packaging complements current packaging systems across a broader spectrum of industries.

Additional new board officers include:

  • Vice President: Michael Fechter, TOSCA Ltd.;
  • Secretary/Treasurer: Mike Ulrich, Macro Plastics Inc.;
  • Director: Eric Frank, Georgia-Pacific Company;
  • Director: Patrick Kennedy, The Kennedy Group;
  • Director: Rick Sasse, TriEnda Corp.;
  • Director: Scott Schimming, Rehrig Pacific;
  • Immediate Past President (assumed position), David Russell, IFCO Systems.

The implementation of reusable packaging systems continues to expand across many industries, especially as environmental considerations become more important to both the manufacturing base and to consumers. The RPCC has recently been focused on select reusable products and their application within very specific industries. The RPCC will provide leadership in 2006 on differentiating the benefits of multiple use tags on reusable packaging and possibly other value-added aspects such as time and temperature data.

Source: Reusable Pallet & Container Coalition

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