Pacific Handy Cutter, Inc., Costa Mesa, CA, introduces the latest in our line of “Safety First System” products, the RSC-432 RAZE® DISPOSABLE SAFETY CUTTER.

The RAZE® Disposable Safety Cutter is the most advanced spring back guarded safety cutter in the world. The futuristic, 3-button design is located at the front of the knife, reducing repetitive motion injuries caused by thumb travel, and the 3 release buttons allow you to turn the cutter, not your wrist, for top or side cuts. Its see-thru safety guard remains in a locked position until one of the release buttons is pushed to start cut. After the cut, the blade guard relocks automatically, preventing slip off injuries.

Eliminate all loose blades with the new lightweight, affordable RAZE® Disposable Safety Cutter. The cutter features a non-removable stainless blade, making it safe and economical. The ergonomic handle is designed to be comfortable and reduce user fatigue. It also features a blade-less Tape Splitter to split tape on the sides or down the center flaps of boxes.

Pacific Handy Cutter, Inc.
2968 Randolph Ave., Costa Mesa, CA 92626
tel. (800) 229-2233, fax (714) 662-7595
email [email protected].

Pacific Handy Cutter, Inc. has been in business for over 50 years and manufactures a complete line of razor cutting tools, safety cutters, blades, and accessories for supply, retail, and industrial markets.

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