RSI ID Technologies Offers RFID Gen 2 Item-Level Labels for Under 10 Cents

The iTrack product line from RSI ID Technologies (Chula Vista, Calif.), a manufacturer and systems integrator of RFID products, offers a RFID Gen 2 label for under 10 cents.

The new label, made specifically for tracking products at the item level, uses Gen 2 UHF technology and works on historically challenging items such as unique packaging designs, liquids and metallic products.

The EPCglobal Gen 2 class of products, the newest and most advanced of the EPCglobal RFID specifications for the UHF band centered around 900 MHz, overcome limitations of EPCglobal's older Class 0 and Class 1 solutions providing a framework for an enhanced feature set and improved performance such as robust operation in high-density reader environments, compliance with global spectrum regulations and better tag throughput.

Source: RSI ID Technologies

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