ARPAC's latest offering in stretch wrap technology will be unveiled this year at Pack Expo in Chicago, November 9-13. The RTAC-4Q3 will be the flagship of ARPAC's RTAC Series of rotary arm stretch wrappers.

The RTAC Series heavy-duty conveyorized automatic rotary tower wrapping system offers superior performance around-the-clock. Ideal for high speed production lines, the RTAC Series indexes, automatically wraps and discharges loads without operator assistance.

Some outstanding features of this machine include:
* Can handle Up to 100 loads per hour.
* Touch screen Allen Bradley HMI for machine parameter settings, manual operations & fault diagnostics messages.
* 6' tall fenced guarding for maximum operation safety
* Remote NEMA-12 electrical enclosure
* AC motors & controllers
* Heavy duty conveyors with 2.5" rollers, 11 gauge wall spaced at 3.75" pitch driven by "loop to loop" ANSI chain
* Driven turntable transition rollers for more positive pallet handling
* Analog proximity switch dancer bar control for more reliable film feed speed control & corner compensation
* Unique 36" diameter precision steel ring rotary arm support/drive system for stable, safe, and maintenance free machine operation.

The RTAC Series is a part of a robust line of stretch wrapping equipment designed to maximize stretch film usage while ensuring the very best load unitization. Standard features include user-friendly operator controls, powder coated paint to provide durable scratch resistant surface, and much more.

For more information, contact:
Angela Tillander, Marketing Coordinator
Phone: (847) 678-4034
Fax: (847) 671-3280
E-Mail: [email protected]
Website: www.arpac.com

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