Rugged Tablet Computers

Rugged Tablet Computers

DAP Technologies’ voice-ready Windows CE 6.0 tablet computers, M8930 and M8940, incorporate display technology that delivers maximum viewability in bright sunlight. They also offer the portability, modularity and ruggedness that warehouse, field service and trucking operators need.

The DAP M8930 is a 7” full-screen model and the DAP M8940 is equipped with a 6.2” screen and a 64-key QWERTY alpha-numeric keyboard. Both withstand extreme temperatures, direct impacts, chemical spills, scratches, and other challenging conditions. They conform to MIL STD 810F, are dust and water sealed to IP-67 standards and have been engineered to withstand multiple 4-foot drops. Both tablets are backed by a 2-year manufacturer’s warranty.

DAP Technologies

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