Ryder announces online visibility tool for shipment tracking

Ryder System Inc. has released an upgraded and enhanced version of RyderTrac, a web-based visibility solution for Ryder customers and employees, providing timely and informative shipment tracking information.

With the new version, additional layers of visibility have been added to allow customers and carriers to search through and access more specific shipment details regarding loads and stops on carrier routes. Customers can obtain real-time access to their customizable views of order and shipment tracking information, as well as views of critical information including purchase order number, a supplier's purchase order acknowledgment, a carrier's shipment status, bills of lading, detailed routes, stops and proof of delivery. Similarly, carriers can apply status updates to loads and stops, either via Ryder's online tool or using EDI.

All of this information allows Ryder to proactively respond to automatic alerts that are generated from the system in the event a shipment problem arises. The enhancement also includes additional matching logic for carriers to utilize when inputting criteria such as a stop list and scheduled pick-up dates for matching loads, which can increase their matching ability.

Ryder System Inc. www.ryder.com

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