Rytec Cold-Storage Door

Rytec Cold-Storage Door

The Turbo-Seal insulated door from Rytec Corp. opens at a rate of 182 inches per second and is said to reduce energy costs by more than 90% in cold-storage applications.

The company says its Rilon Thermal panel, a one-inch thick, closed-cell foam, is non-porous and moisture proof. Quad Seals in the side columns and integrated thermal breaks in the doorframe reduce air infiltration and heat conduction, according to Rytec. It performs without a heated defrost system to reduce operational costs.

Other features include a System 3 door controller, Ry-Wi wireless technology, a safety light system and an automatic, self-repairing system. If the door is hit by a lift truck, the self-repair system automatically restores and resets the door in seconds without any human intervention, the company says.

Rytec Corp.

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