Straddle design is ideal for unstable or extremely heavy loads. Touch screen control allows easy reprogramming of wrap patterns, timers, etc., without computer or special software.

Lantech's S-2500 overhead stretch wrapper combines operational flexibility with 80-pallet-per-hour capacity in processing unstable or heavy loads frequently found in paper goods or beverage industry plants. Demonstrated at Lantech's Interpack stand D47/E48 in Hall 13, the S-2500 is designed for automated, conveyorized operation. It can be used in-line, end-of-line or freestanding (fork-truck loaded) to allow load accumulation. The machine's patented Power Roller-Stretch® Plus film delivery system pre-stretches film up to 300 percent for economical operation. With a diagonally opposed two-column chassis, the S-2500 is both stable and quick to install, using modular shipping techniques and accessible lag-down points.

The S-2500 handles loads up to 58" (1.5 m) square and 80" (1.9 m) tall, providing automatic load indexing, film attachment, cutting and wiping. The machine can be extensively customized with over 100 off-the-shelf options, such as a top-sheet dispenser or the patented Pallet-Grip® load locking system.

The machine's operator-friendly touch screen control, with Lan-Logix interface, allows easy reprogramming of key wrap parameters, while ensuring electronically precise wrap force and performance over the life of the machine. Lan-Logix increases productivity by eliminating the need for costly software and hardware to make minor program changes. It includes multiple wrap patterns, precise wrap pattern control, password protection and extensive efficiency-data capture. It also provides audible alarms and indicators for low film and a wide range of other faults, and allows easy integration with plant-wide control systems.

Standard safety features include personnel barriers and fencing with interlocked sliding gate to deter accidental entry into the wrap zone during operation. Photocells automatically monitor the wrap zone for proper load squencing throughout the process. Reloading of the film delivery system is easily accomplished from floor level, protecting the operator from bending, twisting and reaching motions or standing on the conveyor.

Visit www.lantech.com for more.

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