Hanover, Germany – Grote Industries, a world leader in high-performance LED lighting technology, today announced the latest addition to its innovative LED WhiteLight product line. The new, low-profile S100 LED surface mount dome lamp features built-in infrared motion activation, eliminating the need for installation of an independent switch.

“We’ve responded to customer demand with a dome lamp that is easy to mount, easy to install and easy to operate - all in a lamp featuring the performance benefits of our Grote LED WhiteLight innovation,” said Mike Grote, business development manager forward and interior lighting for Grote Industries.

“It’s the perfect solution for customers wanting optimal, energy-efficient LED illumination on demand,” Grote said. “For the installer, we’ve eliminated mounting and installation hassles, as well as possible wire corrosion issues. For the operator, the days of hunting for a switch are also over.”

Engineered for durability using high-impact, UV stabilized polycarbonate material, the new dome lamp features moisture-resistant construction and a sleek, very low profile (15.0 mm) surface mount design with run wire channels allowing quick, neat installation. The lamp utilizes the latest surface-mount LED technology, providing bright, 300-lumen output with low power draw and minimal heat generation.

The lamp is activated using a passive infrared motion sensor located in the lamp body. The sensor is calibrated to recognize the heat signature unique to humans, and when it detects movement by a person within 5 meters, it will immediately turn on. The lamp will remain on as movement continues.

“Introduction of this new product demonstrates our commitment to developing a continuing stream of state-of-the-art lighting solutions for the international transportation industry,” said John R. Grote, managing director Europe for Grote Industries. “That’s why it’s a featured product for Grote at the 2008 IAA Trade Fair in Hanover, Germany.”

Additional details, specifications and operation information on the new S100 LED surface mount dome lamp (part # 61411), are available at www.grote.com. Also available is information on the new S100 LED surface mount dome lamp without motion detector (part # 61391), an excellent option for retrofit applications where manual switching is desired and where there is existing wire already in place.

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