SA2200-RF Dual Panel RFID Pallet Labeler

Kolinahr Systems’ SA2200-RF Dual Panel RFID Pallet Labeler is designed to read, write, print, and apply RFID-enabled labels to the front and/or side of a pallet load. The SA2200-RF Labeling System utilizes a ZebraTM RFID-enabled printer to read, write, and verify EPC-compliant RFID tags embedded in the labels.

A 3” × 3” thick rotating arm applies the label to the leading edge of the pallet load. The arm then returns for a duplicate label that is applied to the side of the load. For dual-sided applications, EPC tags can be embedded under every other label. If the embedded RFID tag cannot be read/written/verified, a fault status will be displayed. A label removal system on the SA2200-RF will dispose of the invalid EPC tag after it is dispensed onto the tamp pad, prior to application. This process ensures that a valid RFID tag will always be placed on the pallet load.

The SA2200-RF is controlled by a PLC, which can communicate with the conveyor, stretch wrapper, and palletizer to ensure proper product handling during the labeling sequence. The rugged PHDÒ rotary actuator, along with the heavy-duty stand, the NEMA 12 controls enclosure, and other high quality commercial parts help ensure that the SA2200-RF will handle the rigors of 24/7 pallet load labeling.

Kolinahr Systems is a Cincinnati, OH-based manufacturer of pallet labelers, pallet load stackers, and specialty pallet handling equipment.

For more information contact:

Bill Walker
Manager of Marketing & Sales
Kolinahr Systems
513-745-9401 x20
[email protected]

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