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Caljan Rite-Hite announces a moveable platform extension for its unique SafeTrack telescopic boom conveyor. Fully complying with BS EN 619 2002, a safety standard that calls for all machinery used in the workplace to be guarded to prevent operator injury, SafeTrack boom conveyors are fully under-guarded. The new Man-Rider platform further improves operator safety and efficiency.

The Man-Rider is a platform that attaches to the delivery end of a SafeTrack telescopic conveyor. As the operator loads or unloads a trailer, the platform on which they stand moves with the conveyor. This makes it easier for the operator to lift items onto or off the conveyor, particularly if they are large or awkward.

The product is the epitome of warehouse safety, incorporating features such as a clamp for a restraining harness, side fences and a non-slip floor plate. The entire bottom of the platform is one big safety sensor to avoid crushed feet or material and there are also safety edges at the front and rear of the platform, to prevent crushing when extending or retracting the conveyor.

In use the operator positions the platform at their most comfortable working height in relation to the conveyor and the load face. As the conveyor is moved around the load face the working height is maintained. This means easier manual handling - which in turn reduces worker fatigue and stress and improves productivity. Product damage is also reduced as the operator does not need to climb on the load to reach any part of the consignment.

Because the platform can be raised and lowered to suit all loading/unloading heights and extended to the full length of the trailer it provides excellent ergonomic working conditions for operators. This has been shown to decrease loading/unloading time by up to 50%!

The SafeTrack conveyor is of a modular design, making it suitable for most applications. The Man-Rider platform will increase warehouse efficiency at the same time as improving operator conditions.

“The Man-Rider is a very popular product. We have seen significant interest from many industries. As deliveries come in all shapes, sizes and weights, this product will help companies be more efficient when loading and unloading due to its unique design and numerous safety features”.

Mike Hilton, UK Managing Director, Caljan Rite-Hite.

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