Safety Center Cabinet

Lyon Workspace Products, Aurora, IL, recently introduced a new Safety Center Cabinet to the marketplace.

When a spill or an injury occurs on the shop floor, the time it takes to respond can be critical. By strategically placing Lyon Safety Centers on your shop floor, you can cut emergency response time dramatically – by keeping critical safety supplies nearby and at the ready.

Check out the unique features and benefits built into every Lyon Safety Center:

• 14-gauge, all-welded construction provides superior strength and durability
• Heavy Lexan® door inserts permit supervision to quickly evaluate safety supply inventory without even opening the doors
• Bright, safety yellow finish is a constant reminder that emergency response tools are always nearby
• Forklift base allows for easy movement anywhere in your facility
• Extra heavy padlock attachment prevents pilferage during non-working hours

Lyon Workspace Products, an ISO 9001 registered firm, is the nation's leading manufacturer of storage and related workspace products, and maintains the largest inventory of finished goods in the industry. Call 1-800-323-0096, Fax 630-892-5747 or write:

Lyon Workspace Products
P. O. Box 671
Aurora, IL 60507

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