SAMSys' RFID Reader Successfully Qualifies A New 13.56MHz RFID Tag

TORONTO, -- SAMSys Technologies Inc. (SMY:TSX-VEN) ("SAMSys"),a world leading provider of radio frequency identification (RFID) hardware solutions, today announced its MP9210 RFID reader product successfully tested and qualified a 13.56MHz RFID tag produced by Infineon Technologies, a leading innovator in the international semiconductor industry. SAMSys qualified the SRF55V10P tag from Infineon's my-d(TM) vicinity family of products, which feature a high level of security and a large memory (10K-Bit) to serve applications in the automotive, supply chain management, asset management, access and brand protection markets.

"Infineon's my-d vicinity products are now one of several tags that SAMSys' products are capable of supporting, demonstrating our multi-protocol approach to RFID technology which benefits users in a variety of applications," says Cliff Horwitz, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of SAMSys. "By using multi-protocol readers, companies can confidently build and grow their current architecture which reduces infrastructure costs and protects them from tag obsolescence."

SAMSys' MP9210 reader is a low-cost, multi-protocol 13.56 MHz RFID proximity reader designed for short-range RFID applications. In addition to the Infineon my-d SRF55V10P tag, it supports Philips I-Code, Texas Instruments Tag-It, and ISO 15693 protocols.

SAMSys offers a selection of reader solutions including standard frequency-specific modules, custom-made application specific reader systems, and OEM modules aimed at providing tailored solutions for a wide variety of supply chain management applications. The comprehensive line of RFID readers spans low frequency, high frequency and UHF, supports a very broad range of protocols, and is available in a wide range of form factors, including:

- packaged and ready to use low power readers,

- high power readers for demanding applications,

- smart shelves,

- modules for integration into OEM products,

- RFID reader networks for TCP/IP connectivity, and

- dual frequency readers at 125KHz/13.56MHz and 134KHz/13.56 MHz.

For more information, visit SAMSys at: and

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