SAMSys Technologies and RF Technology Group Drive Home RFID Solutions

TORONTO, ON - SAMSys Technologies Inc. (SMY:TSX-VEN) ("SAMSys"), a world leading provider of radio frequency identification (RFID) hardware solutions and RFID integration consulting services, today announced that it has signed a value added reseller (VAR) agreement with RF Technology Group, a leading provider of RFID solutions for the automotive, process, and retail industries.

Under this agreement, RF Technology Group will use their expertise in RFID solutions development and implementation to incorporate SAMSys' RFID reader technology in their product offerings. RF Technology Group evaluates business process environments and identifies the optimal solution for traceability and error proofing, including the implementation of new RFID technologies, benchmarking of RFID technologies, customized RFID system solutions, technical training, and workshops.

"The automotive industry is at the forefront of adopting industry standards for RFID solutions," says Frank Yono, President of RF Technology Group. "By incorporating SAMSys RFID reader technology and expertise into our RF systems, we are extending critical components to our solution offerings that we believe will create a unique competitive advantage."

SAMSys offers a selection of reader solutions including standard frequency-specific modules, custom-made application specific reader systems, and OEM modules to provide tailored solutions for a wide variety of supply chain management, logistics management, and tracking and fulfillment applications. In addition to providing reader solutions, SAMSys offers consulting services that focus on the front-end of the RFID implementation process.

"As the understanding of RFID as a data collection technology evolves through various industries, we believe it will be recognized for its data mining and management capabilities, among its other advantages" says Cliff Horwitz, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of SAMSys. "The automotive industry is a leader in adopting RFID technology for its unique functionality and will lead other industries looking for ways of streamlining their supply chain management process and information management capabilities to evaluate RFID as a solution. We look forward to showcasing the capabilities of RFID technology and continued success through this partnership."

SAMSys' comprehensive line of RFID readers spans low frequency, high frequency and UHF and supports a very broad range of protocols. Their technology meets all industry standards and plays a role in setting industry standards. By implementing SAMSys readers into their solutions, RF Technology Group is able to be forward looking without the fear of their solutions becoming obsolete.

"I am looking forward to using SAMSys' RFID technology in our integrated solutions" says Michael Pfeiffer, Director of Products and Technology at RF Technology Group. "The versatility of SAMSys' readers will allow us to offer RFID solutions that are unparalleled in the industry."

SAMSys Technologies Inc. (SAMSys), founded in 1995, is a world-leading provider of radio frequency identification (RFID) hardware solutions and RFID integration consulting services designed to evaluate and recommend optimal RFID solutions to enhance existing business process. Visit SAMSys at:

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