SAMSys Technologies and SATO America Get Fit to Print

TORONTO, ON -- SAMSys Technologies Inc. (SMY:TSX-VEN) ("SAMSys"), an international provider of radio frequency identification (RFID) hardware solutions, announced that it has formed a partnership with SATO America, a leader in barcode printing, to manufacture RFID readers for the company's RFID-enabled printers.

SAMSys will manufacture RFID readers for SATO RFID-enabled printers that will offer users a convenient way to produce labels and tags. Using ultra-high frequency (UHF) chips embedded in the labels, the custom SAMSys module enables SATO printers to print the label and program the chip inside the label simultaneously. These RFID enabled "smart labels" can be read even if the label is not in the line of site of the reader, allowing reading operations to be done automatically, reducing labor costs and improving accuracy. Additionally, the information encoded onto many smart labels can be changed during its lifetime, eliminating the need to remove and re-label items. The SATO printers with RFID capability are designed for many applications, including anti-theft, asset tracking, supply chain logistics, baggage tags, and factory automation.

"With the development of our UHF-enabled pressure sensitive label printers it was integral that we source a RFID reader provider that is standards compliant with an excellent track record," says Bob Karr, Vice President of SATO America. "Having flexible, best-of-breed RFID technology available to compliment our printers is essential to our business growth."

SAMSys' comprehensive line of RFID readers spans low frequency, high frequency and UHF, support a broad range of protocols and standards, and enables implementation without the fear of near term obsolescence. For almost 10 years SAMSys has played an active role in RFID industry and has consistently advocated an RFID adoption strategy based upon the optimization of functionality, multi-protocol reader architectures, and ease of reader interrogation. SAMSys also provides consulting services that focus on the front-end of the RFID implementation process.

"It has become abundantly clear that the integration of RFID technology into material management systems for the supply chain is reaching widespread acceptance," says Cliff Horwitz, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of SAMSys. "With the recent announcements made by Wal-Mart and other retailers, CPG suppliers are rapidly going to need smart label printers which are designed to protect them from early obsolescence due to changes in RFID standards and innovation. We are looking forward to working with SATO on this project and are confident that this initiative will only further the more rapid adoption of RFID in the supply chain."

SAMSys offers a selection of reader solutions including standard frequency-specific modules, custom-made application specific reader systems, and OEM modules to provide tailored solutions for a wide variety of supply chain management, logistics management, and tracking and fulfillment applications. In addition to providing reader solutions, SAMSys offers consulting services that focus on the front-end of the RFID implementation process.

SAMSys Technologies Inc. (SAMSys), founded in 1995, is a world-leading provider of radio frequency identification (RFID) hardware solutions and RFID integration consulting services designed to evaluate and recommend optimal RFID solutions to enhance existing business process. Visit SAMSys at:

SATO America offers innovative printing products that are convenient, reliable, cost-effective and easy to use, enabling users to recognize new ways to track their products and assets. More information can be found at

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