SB Merge

Cañon City, CO - Portec Flomaster - a leading manufacturer of specialty conveyors, has just released the newest addition to its product line, the SB Merge.

Portec's SB Merge is a high-speed, low-angle, induction conveyor. Engineered with a positive drive that pulls rather than pushes, the conveyor keeps product oriented and provides an effective solution for merging or inducting. This new, low-angle induction conveyor was designed for easy maintenance and overall reliability. The SB-Merge's low profile is important when space is a consideration. Its length and width can be custom sized to fit most application needs and is available in 20°, 30° and 45° angles.

"Portec is dedicated to meeting the needs of the market," states Joe Forte, Portec's Vice-President of Sales and Marketing. "This SB Merge has been developed based on numerous requests from customers for a fast, dependable, low-angle induction conveyor".

For more information, please visit

PORTEC FLOMASTER ([email protected])
Phone: 719-275-7471

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