Convey or Store It, Inc, a solutions company for warehouse and distribution centers for over 30 years introduces the ScanScale 7000. Bringing high-speed efficiency, value and reliability to any fulfillment, warehouse, or distribution center. ScanScale is an all-in-one system that will help you ship packages more efficiently, frequently, and cost-effectively whether the application requires check weighing, cubing, scanning, print & applying, sorting, or all of the above. This automated system integrates the latest technology from quality partners like Mettler Toledo and Datalogics to dimension, weigh, track, and sort with accuracy and speed at throughput rates up to 4,000 per hour depending on your application. The ScanScale software is written on the .net platform making it compatible with many existing WMS systems.

Kimberly Kozar 205 Poplar Place
North Aurora, IL 60542
[email protected]
tel: 630-859-0500
fax: 630-859-0525

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