Schneider HVCP Case Packer

Schneider HVCP Case Packer

Schneider Packaging says its new HVCP case packer can orient product vertically, horizontally or a combination of both, with the press of a button.

Product is collated into the proper pack pattern by a Fanuc robot. A second Fanuc robot picks and places the collated product into an erected case. After loading, the carton indexes through the flap folding and sealing stations and is sealed. The sealed case is discharged from the machine onto a takeaway conveyor. Case erecting, accumulation, case loading and case sealing occur simultaneously.

Schneider’s HVCP is recommended for operations with multiple SKUs, short production runs and numerous pack orientations. These applications traditionally require manual packaging, multiple machines or complex changeovers, according to Schneider Packaging.

Schneider Packaging

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