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Schneider Logistics Wins GM Service Parts Operations Award

Schneider Logistics Inc. announced that General Motors Service Parts Operations (SPO) has recognized the company with a Performance Award for supporting General Motors SPO 2002 business initiatives by delivering cost savings and performance improvements in reverse logistics. The award was presented to the Schneider Logistics dedicated General Motors SPO returnable container management team.

General Motors SPO recognized Schneider Logistics for its work in minimizing the number of General Motors SPO returnable container movements. Schneider Logistics developed a standardized process for the loading, positioning and movement of returnable containers that enabled General Motors SPO to drive down container movement costs by 28 percent and reduced total container network moves by 1,638,662 miles. In addition, General Motors SPO customer satisfaction improved due to greater container availability, improved communication, and enhanced visibility across the reverse logistics supply chain.

Together, Schneider Logistics and General Motors SPO also eliminated container truck movements from rail-serviced facilities and developed enhanced reporting and analysis for better business decisions.

"General Motors SPO has a long history of supply chain innovation and Schneider Logistics has contributed to our success in achieving this reputation," said Ron West, general director, warehousing and distribution, General Motors SPO. "Schneider Logistics is a valued partner that consistently brings its robust technology, experience and ability to execute to the table to help us achieve our logistics goals."

"Schneider Logistics is honored to receive this Performance Award from General Motors SPO," said Steve Kowalkoski, vice president of automotive operations, Schneider Logistics. "General Motors SPO is committed to continually improving upon business best practices, optimizing its performance, and delivering exceptional customer service. The organization looked to us for assistance with its 2002 reverse logistics improvement initiatives and we eagerly accepted and rose to the challenge."

SPO, headquartered in Grand Blanc, Mich., markets automotive replacement parts and accessories worldwide under the GM and ACDelco brand names. For more information, visit the GM Goodwrench Service Plus at More information on GM can be found at

Schneider Logistics is an international lead logistics provider that helps customers extract strategic business value from their supply chains in the form of lower distribution costs, reduced inventory, improved customer service and increased availability to working capital. Schneider Logistics is a wholly owned subsidiary of Schneider National Inc. For more information, visit

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