Schoeller Arca Systems to Produce 30 Million Pallets for iGPS

ORLANDO, Fla.—Intelligent Global Pooling Systems (iGPS Co.) announced a major long-term supplier agreement with Schoeller Arca Systems, a provider of plastic returnable pallets for material handling.

Under the agreement, Netherlands-based Schoeller Arca Systems will manufacture 30 million pallets for iGPS over the next five years. The pallets will be produced in a new high-tech manufacturing plant in Springfield, Mo. The company expects to open more plants in the near future. Specific terms of the agreement were not disclosed.

“Because the marketplace has responded so enthusiastically to our offering, we have commissioned Schoeller Arca to produce a record number of pallets so that we can continue to provide quality service to new and existing customers,” says Bob Moore, chief executive officer of iGPS. “This is truly a watershed moment for our company as it validates the demand the supply chain has for our service.”

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